Are Vapes Better for You than Cigarettes?

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The main thing people want to know when making the switch from cigarettes to vaporisers is naturally if they are actually better for you than smoking. People want to make the switch to vaping because it is supposed to be better for them than smoking, if you enjoy smoking you’re not going to want to give it up for something that’s just as bad for you – you might as not make the switch.

Although vaping is a relatively new concept and there is not an endless mine of research regarding the issue, there is plenty of research to suggest that it is in fact better for you than smoking cigarettes.

Read on to find how the two compare.


Comparing the two


Many people often believe that by switching to vaping is just choosing the lesser of two evils, however a study conducted by the UK’s Department of Health, and published by Public Health England, found that e-cigarettes and vaping is 95 per cent safer than smoking cigarettes. Not only this, but the report also recognised e-cigarettes and vaping as a potential option for quitting cigarettes.

This was backed up by a report conducted by the American Heart Association (AHA) who stated that due to e-cigarettes lacking the harmful additives that cigarettes contain they pose a significantly lowered health risk than that of cigarette tobacco.

Furthermore, scientists from the University College, London, conducted a report that stated that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking, and that toxicity levels in people after smoking e-cigarettes is less than that of simulated studies, diminishing doubts about their overall safety. The study was hailed by Cancer Research UK.

The real risk that vaping and their liquids create is when a reputable source does not develop the liquid. When the e-liquid is developed at home it can potentially contain higher levels of nicotine (which would be detrimental to quitting cigarettes) or other chemicals to enhance its enjoyment/flavour.

It is important that when purchasing e-juice it is bought from a reputable supplier either online or in-store. We here at Vapes Online can’t condone smoking vaporisers, but we believe that through research and statistics that it could be a viable alternative to cigarette smoke and, as the above report from the AHA suggests, it could be a potential alternative to smoking cigarettes.


Consider your options


If you are considering purchasing a vape, e-cig, or e-juice as a potentially healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, we do ask that you assess your options before purchase. Please consult your medical professional for help in quitting cigarettes for good, as they can offer advice on the best approaches to quitting.

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