E-Juice Flavours to Match the Season

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One of the best things about vaping, health benefits aside, is the delicious array of flavours you get to experience when smoking. There are an almost endless number of highly palatable E-juice flavours available on the market, and all with their own unique subtleties. Whilst some people find their perfect flavour and decide yes, this is it, and happily stick to it, some vaporiser smokers like to mix it up depending on the time of year it is. It can be a heap of fun trying tropical flavours for summer and rich, smoky flavours in the midst of winter.

We here at Vapes Online have devised a little guide to choosing a flavour to match the season, and we hope it can inspire you to broaden your flavour horizons.


Taste of the tropics: summer flavours


For anyone who has ever smoked anything outside in the dead heat of summer, you know that inhaling something of a high temperature whilst sweating it out in the sun can be very unpleasant. Therefore, why not try some tropical, fruity flavours for those summer months. Watermelon, mango, and pretty much any berry flavour is more than enough to lighten the load of inhaling what could otherwise be a thick plume of dirty tobacco. Instead of being harsh and unbearable in the summer heat, fruity flavours provide refreshment, a cheeky buzz to help you enjoy the summer sun.


Moving into winter, go for a fuller flavour


Just as you need a more refreshing flavour for the blistering summer heat, you may require a bolder, more warming change in flavour for winter. There is an endless range of delicious, fuller flavours that fall under a range of categories such as cakes, desserts, and of course, classic tobaccos, perfect for winter months. You can stick to the tobacco or get stuck into weird and wonderful flavours that include titles like cake batter, cinnamon cookies, and tiramisu, the choice is as endless as it is delicious.


Contact us if you have any questions


If you have any questions about which flavour is best suited to your seasonal calendar, or if you have any questions regarding your personal vaporiser, feel free to get in touch with the friendly team at Vapes Online. We’re always happy to help our valued customers with any questions they have, so send us a message on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.



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