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The Three Best Stoner Feeds

Recently I busted out the Volcano Classic for another round of balloon vaping pleasure. It had been a while, and I was happy to say the mechanism hasn’t lost its ability to satisfy my desire for a good high. Having used the power connection in the kitchen to set up the balloon I found myself sitting on the kitchen bench whilst the buds took a hold of me. I forgot just how goddamn hungry smoking the Volcano makes me, and being in the kitchen I immediately began thinking of what tantalising treats could crush my hunger and quench my dries.

I settled for a bowl of Mi Goreng with two fried eggs before slumping on the couch and watching Pineapple Express. Whilst enjoying my spicy (but not too spicy) noodles, I began to wonder: what are the best foods to have stoned? The ultimate munchies, the creations whose ability to satisfy stoned hunger are unmatched by lesser meals.

I’ve put my subjective list below for all Vapes Online customers to enjoy.

The Feeds

  1. Pasta – My all-time favourite feed to whip up in the kitchen when ripped has to be my go-to pasta meal. Take a bowl of standard pasta (because you’re not thinking about eating that healthy wholegrain stuff when stoned) and add basil pesto, spinach, avocado - whatever you want, really. The great thing about making this pasta is the experimenting you can do when stoned, and I even like to add sardines to mine. I know people hate those fatty little fish and therefore would be repulsed by the idea of adding them to their pasta, but I love them – especially when ripped.
  2. Fast Food Classics – Not just because gorging on a large Big Mac meal, 10 McNuggets and M&M’s McFlurry is just a fantastic feed when baked, but the stoned pilgrimage to your favourite fast food eatery is one of the best parts about having a smoke with your friends. The excitement of the meal, the hilarity that ensues when you attempt to order, the trying to hold your cackles in when you hand over the money – it’s an awesome experience for any smoker. If you can’t be bothered making the trek to your nearest takeaway joint, McDonald’s now delivers – it’s fantastic!
  3. The Big Ol’ Bab – Because who doesn’t love wolfing down a kebab in any situation: drunk, stoned or stone-cold sober. The classic kebab is a feed not to be missed after a cheeky smoke. I wouldn’t recommend it every night of the week, but maybe once every two weeks on the old getting stuck into a lamb sandwich situation.

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