Convection Vapes

Convection Vaporizers - Explained

Convection is when you use air to get the herb to the right temperature instead of direct contact. 

Convection Vaporizers cook your material similar to how a kitchen oven would cook your food. With convection, your material is sitting at a distance from the heating element, meaning that air will need to flow through the system so that the heat reaches your material. The fan (or inhaling) will bring air through the heating element. This will create hot air, which is then brought through your material. The hot air will then pick up the active ingredients in your material and create a vapor. A Convection Style Vaporizer may take a little bit longer to cook the material (a few minutes 2-3 minutes compared to 15-30 seconds), but it will heat the herb up much more consistently. This will cause more of the active ingredients to be release, meaning you will get more out of your material. This will lower the chance of burning. Convection Vaporizers will give you between 80%-98% of the active ingredient out of your material.



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