Australia’s Most Delicious Nicotine-Free eJuices

Many vapers tend to use different vape juices at times and with such a wide range of e-juice flavours out on the market for vapes, it can be hard to know what to choose. Here at Vapes Online, we strive to provide you and your vape with a great range of quality e-juices from a name you can trust – Tasty Puff.

Tasty Puff is a high-quality propylene glycol/vegetable glycern (PG/VG) e-juice offered in a range of delicious flavours. From the fruity delights of Blueberry Thrill or Tropical to the satisfying sweetness of Rasta Root Beer, there’s something to suit every palette. For those looking for a more classic sensation, the Red Leaf and Cool Menthol flavours deliver the flavours of a cigarette without the tobacco.

The smart choice for vapers across the country

Made from the highest-quality food-safe ingredients, just add between three and six drops of Tasty Puff to your tank of e-liquid and take the flavour somewhere special. If you’re a person who’s customised every part of their mod, why not add a touch of flair the vapour itself and select from our extensive range today.

Buying eJuice online has never been easier – shop the Vapes Online range and find something to elevate the flavour, texture and aroma of your next puff.

Get in touch with our customer service with any questions through our contact page and we’ll be happy to help. Otherwise, order today and taste your new juice sooner, not later!