Awesome Herb Grinders Available for Delivery in Australia

We provide Australian vapers with highly-effective herb grinders for your vaping materials.

Herb grinders are simple, yet effective and the amount of time saved and waste reduced will easily pay off your grinder in no time at all. Grinders usually come in sizes of 2, 3, 4 and 5 parts and generally the more components, the finer and more smooth your herb will be.

To cater to such a wide range of requirements and budgets Vapes Online stocks the biggest range of grinders in Australia! From acrylic, to wooden, to steel and aluminium, we have what you need and can get it to you fast! No matter how you use your secret herbs and spices, you should always prepare it with a grinder.

Great quality, easy to use

We’ve all experienced the nuisance and frustration of using a poor-quality herb grinder. The stuff just doesn’t seem to be crushing and each time you open the lid it seems like nothing changed from the last laborious endeavour to grind your herb. With our range of grinders from Waterfall, you will never experience this tedium again.

All our products are highly-efficient, made from high-grade aluminium and containing multiple chambers. You’ll never have to worry about finding your nearest electrical coffee grinder again.

Contact us for more information

If you are interested in purchasing one of our awesome Waterfall herb grinders, or have any more questions regarding their quality, feel free to get in contact with the friendly team of staff at Vapes Online.

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