Benefits of Vaping over Smoking?

What are the benefits of vaping over smoking?

Health - Because the substance is not burned it does not create smoke, and therefore it does not release the combustion related harmful toxins, such as tar and other known carcinogens associated with smoking. There is a decreased risk of cancer and the physical effects on your lungs are greatly decreased with vaping. There are many documented studies citing the health benefits of vaping versus smoking.

Smell - The vapour dissipates quickly after exhaling, even in a closed environment, and unlike smoke, the smell does not stick around or attach itself to your clothing, hair or fabrics, which makes it a great indoor option.

Discretion – Many of the designs are discreet looking, particularly in the handheld, portable and pen style vaporisers . The quickly dissipating vapour makes them a more discreet option for use in public. Having a non-lingering odour adds to discretion, both in public and indoors.

Effectiveness – Vaping is a more effective & efficient form of absorbing the active ingredient. Vaporising your dry herbs releases between 70% & 100% of the active ingredient, whereas smoking burns a lot of this, with only 20% of the active ingredient actually being absorbed after combustion. The result of vaping is a stronger effect of the active ingredient.

Cost – Because the vaporising process releases more of the active ingredient in your herb, you will use less, and therefore your herbs will last longer. Also the herb is not destroyed during the vaping process, the vaped herb can actually also be reused with some effect, through smoking or use in food, extending the herbs properties even further.

Flavour – If you are used to smoking your herbs, you will taste the cleaner flavours through vaping that were not noticeable previously, when your herb was inhaled along with smoke. Adjusting the temperature on your vaporiser will help you customise the flavour quality that best suits your taste.