At Vapes Online, we want to ensure the happiness of all of our customers and that they are confident with their products and purchases. 

All of our vaporizers and e-cigs are genuine products and all are provided with a manufactures warranty which can be found below. 

Claiming Warranty
If you believe there is a problem with your item, please fill out our Warranty Form here with as much information on the fault and any photos if applicable. 
The item will be returned to our warehouse, where we can assess the alleged fault. If the item is found to be working to the manufacturers specs, then the item will be returned back to you. 

Warranty claims are subject to terms of use and care as per the item manual. This incorporates an appropriate cleaning routine to keep up the item. Warranties do not apply with normal wear and tear. In the event that there is proof of altering, improper use or personal damage, your product will not be covered by warranty.

Vaporizer  Warranty
Joyetech Runabout 90 Day Warranty
Joyetech Ego Aio 90 Day Warranty
Joyetech Ego Aio Eco 90 Day Warranty
KangerTech Togo Mini 2 Month Warranty
KangerTech Kone 2 Months Warranty
Vaptio VEX 100 3 Month Warranty
Vaptio C2 Paragon  Month Warranty
Vaptio ET Auto Month Warranty
KangerTech UBoat 6 Month Warranty
KangerTech Ripple 6 Month Warranty
White Rhino Trifecta 60 Day Warranty
Conflict 3 Month Warranty
Waterfall Medivape Plus+ 6 Month Limited Warranty
Pulsar APX 6 Month Warranty
Puffit 1 1 Year Warranty, 90 Day Battery Warranty
White Rhino Hylo 1 Year Battery Warrantt (tank not included)
Loki Touch 1 Year Warranty
Pulsar APX Wax 1 Year Warranty
Vaperfection VipVape2 1 Year Warranty
DaVinci Original 2 Year Full Warranty, 90 Day Battery Warranty
DaVinci Ascent 2 Year Limited Warranty
Firefly 1 2 Year Limited Warranty
Firefly 2 2 Year Limited Warranty
Iolite 2 Year Warranty
Iolite Whisper 2 Year Warranty


2 Year Standard Warranty

Storz and Bickel Crafty

Year Warranty

Storz and Bickel Mighty

Year Warranty
Pax 2 Year Warranty
Herbalaire H2.1  3 Year Warranty
Herbalaire Elite Year Warranty
Storz and Bickle Volcano Year Warranty
DaVinci Miqro 5 Year Warranty
Pax 3 10 Year Warranty
DaVinci IQ 10Year Warranty