Why Vape?

Vaping is becoming an increasingly popular trend around the world. You might want to vape and beat your friends with some cloud tricks… It’s also the perfect way to chill whilst kicking the smoking habit. E-cigarettes are what you’re looking for to provide the sensation of smoking whilst giving it a miss and enjoying some delicious flavoured vapour. 

It’s the perfect introduction for someone ready to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping as it provides and enjoyable alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Some people are known as ‘hobbyists.’ They’re vaper’s of multiple devices, they know how to get the best from their vape, have all the accessories and spare parts for and some even enjoy experiment with e-juices by mixing flavours to create their own unique taste.

Others are known as ‘socialites.’ They enjoy vaping with friends, sharing e-juices or herbs and advice from what other fellow vapers use.