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Love Menthol? This is just for you! 

Size: 12ml
Nicotine: 0mg - Nicotine FREE



Tasty Puff Flavour Drops are flavoured liquid that can be used to add flavor to E-Juice or E-Liquid, The main use for these drops is that they can be vaped when mixed with flavourless E-Juice (Please see Flavourless E-Juice in menu)


The flavor drops must be added to E-Juice to be vaporized.

  • When used to flavor your herbs, the Flavoured drops are designed to dry in 3 – 5 minutes therefore they do not make your herb wet. They do not contain nicotine or sweeteners and can’t be vaped on their own.
  • Flavour Drops may be used on their own and will not need to be added to E-Juice when being used to add flavor to herb, papers, cigars, sisha and water pipes.
  • Can be added to E-Juice or E-Liquid to be vaped
  • Can be used to flavour dry herb
  • Can be used to flavour smoking papers and blunts
  • Can be used to flavour cigars
  • Can be put into water pipes to add flavour
  • Can be used to add flavour to shisha
  • Concentrates such as Wax and Oil may be added to the Flavour Drops. The Flavour Drops may then be added to the Flavourless E-Juice to be vaporised.
  • A few drops can be added to any food, beverage, humidifier, diffuser, oil, wax, herb, water pipe and vapor pens or mods.


Adding Flavour Drops to E-Juice

Flavour drops must be added to E-Juice to be vaped. Flavour Drops cannot be vaped on their own. Flavour Drops should be added at about a 10% ratio (6 drops per full tank of e-liquid). The Flavour Drops are unsweetened, concentrated, and are food grade.

Add flavour to E-Juice with Flavour Drops


o   Fill your Vape tank with a flavourless E-Juice base, you can then add about 6 drops of the Flavour Drops to the E-Juice in the tank.

o   6 drops is suitable for a 1.6ml tank, you can increase or decrease drops depending on your tank size. Flavouring should be at a 10% ratio to the E-Juice.

o   You can also pre-mix the E-Juice and Flavour drops before you fill your vaporiser. Add drops (at a 10% ratio) to the E-Juice base and shake the bottle around. Multiple flavours can be added, but keep the 10% ratio.


Although Tasty Puff Flavoring cannot be vaped on its own, it can be added to any e-liquid base to enhance the flavor at about a 10% ratio (6 drops per tank).  It does not vape well by itself and it is too strong to use on its own in this way, but it makes an amazing flavor enhancer for e-cigarettes. 

WARNING: This is not an E-juice product. If you are looking for E-juice, please see our E-Juice section. This is a flavor product and cannot be vaped on its own.