• $245.00 AUD

This desktop vaporizer features forced air and accurate manual temperature control. It has a mouthpiece for direct flow use as well as the ability to fill bags. The heater and vaporizing air are separate ensuring a pure flavor. Using 18 tiny jets of air, you can be assured that the unit is efficient.

A good choice for anyone that wants an affordable desktop forced air vaporizer.


  • Improved LED lights (4 colors)
  • Works well with car inverters
  • Accurate Manual Temperature Control
  • Bag system (comes with 2 bags)
  • Direct Flow Using Whip
  • External Air Pump (3 times faster vs original)
  • Removable Crucible
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Scientific Grade Instrument

Kit Includes:

  • Main Mouthpiece
  • Whip
  • 2 Extensions
  • Pump
  • 4 Bags with mouthpieces and clamps
  • Tubing with Connector
  • Removable Crucible
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